Welcome to the lark art!

Please excuse my mess, this site is currently under construction.

I am a graphic designer with a passion for strategy and branding collateral. Baking shortbread cookies, hiking mountains, and listening to records fill my free time, but my obsession lies in design. Grids rule my days and the pressure of an ever-present deadline keeps me excited about work.

I specialize in creating print and marketing materials, and I have experience with planning and executing designs for interactive, web, and social media. Print production is a special passion, as I have a strange love for papers, die cuts and spot colors. While I find keeping up with technology important, I also appreciate and practice traditional methods of design. To further develop my skills, I have been practicing typography through a sign painting apprenticeship and working on bettering my web/digital knowledge with a Treehouse membership. Over the past 6 years, I I have gained invaluable professional experience in travel, education, nonprofit, healthcare, food, and art/entertainment industries.

I am currently living in Santa Monica, CA and working for Brandmuscle on-site at Red Bull North America HQ as their senior graphic designer. Feel free to contact me regarding work to help with my design infatuation.